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Fuel transport Timeplan have proven to be a reliable, responsive, dynamic and competitive supplier providing good value for money.

Tag free technology

The latest Automated Fuelling System from Timeplan uses tag free technology to offer 24 hour unattended fleet fuelling with maximum security.

How it works

The system activates when the nozzle is placed within a vehicle’s fuel inlet. A transmitter coil located securely around the vehicle tank will transmit vehicle identity and fuel type to the Timeplan Fuel Management system. The transaction is automatically terminated once the nozzle is removed from the vehicle inlet, thereby eliminating accidental spills and fuel shrinkage from secondary containment filling. Every drop of fuel is therefore accounted for without the use of cards, keys or manual entry. The system instantly identifies a vehicle and will only dispense fuel if the vehicle is authorized to receive fuel of the correct type and at the given location. The Timeplan Fuel Management Software can then provide a wide range of reports and analysis of fuel usage.


  • Provides 24 hour unmanned fuel access
  • Maximum security
  • Reduces opportunity for human error in selection of fuel type
  • Reduces wastage and spillage
  • Prevents secondary container filling
  • Provides accurate operation data
  • Easy to install• No manual intervention
  • Speeds up refuelling
  • Tag free, key free and card free


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