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2006 - Press release and exhibition news

September 2006 - Timeplan for a complete fuel management service
Every penny increase In the cost of a litre of fuel has major impact on the bottom line for any organisation and at a time when the cost of fuel will remain high for the foreseeable future managing and monitoring it is of paramount importance not only from a cost but also and environmental perspective.
Timeplan has been providing Fuel Management Systems for nearly 30 years. Many major Utility companies already use its equipment which has a reputation for reliability, flexibility and ease of use.

Timeplan has extended its range of products and services in order to offer operators a ‘one-stop-shop’ fuel management and maintenance facility. Timeplan is now able to provide a complete range of competitively priced fuel pumps and fuel tanks to meet every requirement.

Electronic tank gauging has also been developed and introduced into the market (and widely deployed in a number of sectors) which can be used either on a standalone basis or interfaced into the fuel management system allowing for tanks to be remotely polled and monitored eliminating the need for manual dipping.

Using the latest polling technology Timeplan can also provide if required a bureau service providing all the necessary management reports / information as required by the customer thereby easing operator’s administrative burdens.
In addition Timeplan can provide a range of services to ensure all of the fuel facility assets eg: pumps, gauges etc are properly calibrated and maintained either on a call out or preventative maintenance basis (or both) throughout the UK. Furthermore Timeplan has introduced a range of financing schemes / options in order to allow equipment purchases to become more affordable.

Timeplan has successfully undertaken a wide variety of projects not only covering the installation of fuel management systems but also new tank and pump installations, tank decommissioning, tank relocations, tank testing and the installation of tank gauging together with the subsequent integration with the fuel management system.
Timeplan has also been awarded over the last two years a number of maintenance contracts to provide comprehensive support to a number of different organisations in order to minimise downtime and ensure accurate and reliable data. Timeplan prides itself on its innovation, responsiveness and customer service in order to help its customers succeed in an ever changing and challenging world.

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