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2007 - Press release and exhibition news

June 2007 - Integrated fuel management - the key to fuel efficiency
Timeplan can ensure that a customer’s fuelling facility is maintained and operating effectively and efficiently.

In every major organisation both within the Public and Private Sector there is increasing emphasis on accountability, value for money and minimisation of waste, therefore, the management of fuel is a high Priority

With high fuel prices envisaged at least for the medium term and fuel being more commonly recognised as a precious resource it is fundamental that it is closely monitored in order to improve security and to control costs. In addition with ever increasing pressure on organisations to improve their environmental performance in the face of changing legislation monitoring every drop provides a safeguard and a level of re-assurance. Waste minimisation and improved economy is not only a way of  reducing cost but is now seen as one of the main drivers in order to improve environmental performance.

Management Requirements
Fuel managers, therefore, not only have to be concerned about the quality, integrity and reliability of their assets such as fuel tanks/pumps but also the provision of accurate information in order they control the fuel passing through them. In many organisations the provision and maintenance of equipment is undertaken by a number of different functions and suppliers leading to delays, conflicts, loss of information and subsequent inefficiencies. For example, the accuracy and reliability of the fuel pump is critical in ensuring the accuracy of the information provided by the Fuel Management System. For many years there have been concerns raised about the accuracy/reliability of manual dipping of fuel stocks which has now been compounded by health and safety concerns particularly in regard to above ground tanks and issues associated with pollution. For a fuel facility to be operating efficiently all of its constituent elements the pump, tank, tank gauges, fuel monitoring system etc have to be working in tandem in order to ensure accurate and meaningful data can be provided both for accounting and purchasing purposes.

Services For The Public and Private Sector
Timeplan has been providing Fuel Management Systems for nearly 30 years and has an extensive customer base throughout the Public and Private Sectors within local authorities, Emergency Services and organisations such as the Royal Mail, major bus operators such as Arriva as well as numerous haulage/logistics companies both large and small. Timeplan’s equipment has a history of reliability and a reputation for its ease of use and flexibility thereby allowing operators to tailor reports for their particular needs and requirements. In order to meet the needs of the customer Timeplan has extended its range of products and services in order to offer a ‘one stop shop facility.’ As such Timeplan is able to offer a complete range of competitively priced fuel pumps and tanks to meet every requirement. More recently Electronic Tank Gauging has been developed (and widely deployed in a number of Police and Ambulance Services) which allows for tanks to be interfaced with the Fuel Management System and for them to be remotely polled and monitored thus improving stock accuracy and eliminating the need for manual dipping whilst at the same time providing environmental reassurance.
In addition Timeplan can provide a range of service packages to ensure all of the customers assets (not just the Fuel Management System) are properly calibrated and maintained either on a call out or preventative maintenance basis (or both) in order to minimise downtime, ensure accuracy and reliability of data whilst reducing cost. Using the latest polling technology Timeplan can provide (if required) a bureau service whereby management reports can be prepared and issued to meet customers requirements.

Accurate data is an essential part of any Fuel Management System but in order to achieve it there is a high level of dependency on a number of other pieces of equipment and systems. Any operator must be able to fuel vehicles as its main priority and therefore minimising downtime of all equipment and ensuring it is working accurately and reliably is essential but also will enable all relevant data to be captured and thus ensure maximum accuracy. With an excellent portfolio of products and services Timeplan can ensure that a customers fuelling facility is maintained and operating effectively and efficiently. Timeplan with its reputation for reliability and customer service prides itself on the services that it provides to the Public and Private Sector helping ensure that organisations meet the key goals of accountability, minimising waste, providing value for money and reducing cost.

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