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January 2008 - $100 a barrel becoming a reality
Crude Oil prices are threatening to hit $100 a barrel - a rise of 50% this year. This ‘super spike’ in oil prices was first predicted by Goldman Sachs in 2005.

Jack Semple, Policy Director at the Road Haulage Association, was recently reported as saying that the price of diesel bought in bulk has risen every month this year to 87.79p a litre. It was 73.92p a litre a year ago.

The key factor this time is the surge in oil prices to nearly $100 a barrel; close to a record level even after allowing an adjustment for inflation. In 1980, after the fall of the Shah of Iran, prices hit the equivalent of $101.70 a barrel. At that time, it sent the world economy into recession and prices fell rapidly.

This time, however, global growth and oil demand looks stronger, particularly in countries like India and China. At the same time, OPEC cut oil production earlier this year. High demand, fuelled by market trades speculating on oil futures, together with the Government planning to implement a further 2 pence rise in fuel duty next Spring suggest high oil and fuel prices are here to stay.The low oil prices of late 1990’s and into early 2000 when, at one stage, oil was predicted to fall below $10 a barrel seem but a distant memory.

In such difficult times, with increasing pressure on costs and margins, accounting and monitoring for every drop of fuel is of paramount importance and, as such, the whole concept of fuel management takes on a different perspective.

In addition, with the advent of a variety of different fuels, technologies and products that claim to offer improved efficiency, the ability to accurately measure and monitor fuel usage is necessary to understand the benefits and drawbacks associated with their use. Everything from repairing a weeping hose or nozzle and ensuring the correct amount of fuel is delivered at the correct temperature to reconciling usage through the pump and monitoring vehicle usage is now so important, given the costs involved. Better fuel management is not only good for the pocket and can be the difference between profit and loss, but of course has a number of environmental spinoffs as well. Understanding an organisation’s carbon footprint is a current hot topic.

Given the cost of fuel and the benefits that can arise from better management/security and good information, any investment in accurate and reliable equipment such as pumps, tanks, electronic tank gauging and fuel management soon pays back in terms of better control, stock management and overall information, which can be used to drive greater efficiency and reduce consumption.

Managers not only have to be concerned about the quality, integrity and reliability of their assets, such as the tanks and pumps, but also the provision of accurate information passing through them. In addition, Health and Safety issues need to be paramount in a manager’s mind and this is no more apparent than when it comes to the manual dipping of above ground tanks.In many organisations, the provision and maintenance of equipment is undertaken by a number of different functions and suppliers, leading to delays, conflicts, loss of information and subsequent inefficiencies, which in today’s high pressure business environment has to be driven out. For a fuel facility to be operating efficiently, all of its constituent elements - the pump, tank, tank gauges, fuel monitoring system etc. - have to be working in tandem in order to ensure accurate and meaningful data for both accounting and purchasing purposes.

The continual rise in fuel prices has piled more pressure on transport operators at a time when the industry is already facing a number of regulatory and environmental hurdles. Managing and reducing fuel consumption is one of the quickest and most effective ways that a company can reduce its overheads. The potential savings are enormous, but in order to realise any benefits, operators have to continually work hard and need the right tools and information in order to achieve them.

High fuel prices are here to stay at least in the medium term and operators will need to continue to manage their fuel effectively and efficiently in order to protect margins and profits.

Timeplan have provided fuel management solutions for the fleet refuelling industry for 30 years.The company have installed over 6000 systems across a wide number of industry sectors, including trucks and buses aswell as numerous harbours and public sector organisations.

Timeplan say their systems are not only price competitive, but are known for their reliability, quality and easy to use software. The systems have been installed within the largest vehicle fleets within the UK as well as some of the smallest and work within the harshest environments.

In addition, the company have also launched their own wetstock management system, which can monitor stocks within fuel tanks and integrates with the Fuel Management system for ease of reconciliation. For a number of years, Timeplan has also been supplying and installing pumps (either as a mono, duo or integral with built in fuel management system), gauges and tanks, which together with their maintenance capability ensures they are able to provide a complete turnkey solution or ‘one stop shop’.

Timeplan can also assist in offering a number of different finance packages in order to assist in purchasing their products.Timeplan’s expertise, innovation and customer service has been recognised on a number of occasions by the Institute of Transport Management, who have awarded the company the ‘Commercial Refuelling Company of the Year’ on numerous occasions.

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