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Traffic at night Timeplan have proven to be a reliable, responsive, dynamic and competitive supplier providing good value for money.

Timeplan is a leading supplier of fuel management systems and services.

In recent years companies have faced increasing pressure on their businesses both economically and environmentally. Volatile and high price movements have meant there has been a strain on profit margins. Stricter regulatory controls have come into force as well as a general desire to become more environmentally aware. As a result the need to manage and reduce fuel usage is of paramount importance as is the need to fully understand an operations carbon footprint.

At Timeplan our aim is to provide a fully integrated fuel management service-a one stop shop from decommissioning old facilities to the installation of new pumps, tanks, fuel management systems and a nationwide after care service including preventative and reactive maintenance, calibrations and a full range of testing. We use our expertise to supply customers with quality products and services in order to store, dispense and monitor fuel and associated products such as lubricants and AdBlue as well as providing management information and services to ease the administarative burden. These services also improve quality and accuracy of reporting and diagnosis and ensure assets are looked after to improve product reliability, accuracy and bottom line performance in the

Our clients range from one of Europe's largest fleet operators the Royal Mail and one of the UK's largest bus operators Arriva where we are the sole system supplier to a number of logistics companies, local authorities, emergency services as well as the smallest of operators.

Our products and services are used in a diverse range of sectors not only in road transport but in marine operations as well as in mining and quarrying.

At Timeplan we pride ourselves on the quality of our products, our innovation, our responsive and accountable customer service which reflects our ethos: to continually provide our customers with a range of products and services that will enable them to succeed in an ever changing and challenging world.

AdBlue is a registered trademark of The German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA)


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