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Timeplan Fuel Management Expertise

Client: Arriva

Fleet and locations:

156 systems and 6000+ buses“Timeplan’s fuel management systems are installed in each of the UK depots. Timeplan poll each system every night and post the information onto the internet providing information for each fuel usage report to be prepared and interrogated. It is vital that these reports are accurate in order to assist in meeting Governmental requirements and improve the efficiency of the fleet.”

Client: Royal Mail

Case Study:

Vehicle Services across 388 depots and 33,000 vehicles“Our relationship with Timeplan spans twenty years of business. Each of our fuel depots in the UK has a Timeplan fuel management system installed. We recently upgraded these sites to Timeplan’s RFID tag system in order to improve security and reliability. Every site is networked via GSM and landline through to a central PC where management reports are prepared and audited using the system’s fuel management reporting software package. “In addition we have recently awarded Timeplan a share of our national contract to service all of our fuel equipment including pumps and tanks in order to improve speed of response, minimise downtime and provide cost effective maintenance.”

Client: A south based borough council

Fleet and locations:

2 sites and 100 vehicles“Timeplan’s RFID tagged fuel management system means we have greater visibility of what fuel we are actually using. Lubricant usage in particular has improved by circa 15%.”

Client: Andersons Transport

Fleet and locations:

1 site and 15 vehicles “We selected Timeplan based not only on the cost competitiveness of their product but also the fact that they were able to provide us with the ability to spread our costs over a 5 year period. We believe we have made the right choice as their system has improved our reliablility and accuracy of reporting immensely. In particular the fuel card import feature which captures on road transactions has proved enormously beneficial in terms of savings in administration time.”

Client: West Midlands Police

Fleet and locations:

25 sites, 45 tanks and 1500 vehicles “We upgraded to Timeplan’s fuel management system last year. Using Timeplan’s Financeplan we were able to spread the cost of the equipment over a 5 year period and roll in the cost of maintenance to provide us with an affordable system that could meet our budgetary requirements. In addition, in order to achieve a fully integrated fuel management system we have now installed electronic gauging in all of our tanks which is interfaced through the fuel management system. This allows for greater accuracy of our fuel stocks, eases reconciliation between pump and tank usage, and takes away the need for manual dipping at each site which was proving to be a major administrative problem.”


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